Feb. 3rd, 2008

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Ten things that I have done that you probably haven't :

1) Ridden horses sidesaddle. (points to icon)

2) Converted a 1984 diesel Toyota Corolla to run on used fry grease from restaurants.

3) Delivered a foal. Many foals, actually.

4) Driven 150 miles with the driver's side window rolled down in a raging blizzard... repeatedly. (For my craptastic newspaper delivery job.)

5) Artificially inseminated mares. (I can tell you're jealous, too.)

6) Driven a 1 1/2 mile stretch of gravel road that was completely flooded, in the middle of nowhere at 3 am, while keeping the driver's door open the whole time to gage the depth of the water vs. the clearance of my car. (Also for my craptastic job.)

7) Ridden a horse over a jump (okay-- a *small* jump) with no bridle or saddle. That video's actually on my LJ, somewhere.

8) Stood upright on the back of a trotting horse. Most recently in, er, 1991, I think. Not sure the knees are up for it anymore, although I'll still stand up on a stationary one.

9) Written part of an audio play. It's a work in progress, due for release in 2010, I'm told.

10) Been swept away by a flash flood. Not very far, fortunately-- there was a barbed wire fence in the way. (Ouch!) The flood of '93... June 11th, specifically, in Kirksville, Missouri. Second closest I've ever come to death.

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