Feb. 10th, 2008

DW Meme

Feb. 10th, 2008 08:33 am
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DW Meme from [livejournal.com profile] leonidelt

1. When did you start watching?

1a. Why?
Dad hooked me on it.

2. What was your first episode?
The Ark in Space-- Tom Baker's second story.

3. Which episodes have you seen?
Season One, The Mind Robber, The War Games, and all of Pertwee through the present day.

3a. Favourite?
Caves of Androzani.

4. Are your friends/family interested in the show?
My father still watches Nu Who episodes with me, since no one else is interested. I think he feels sorry for me more than anything... I caught several episodes of cringing from the corner of my eye during both LotTL and VotD. Sigh-- can't really blame him, TBH.

5. Which Doctor is your favourite?
Five or Six, depending on which Big Finish play I'm currently obsessing over.

6. Which Doctor is your least favourite?
One. I think that probably makes me a bad fan. :-(

7. Which TV companion is your favourite?
Ace. She blows stuff up.

8. Which TV companion is your least favourite?
Any of One's Susan replacements. Bleh.

9. Do you listen to the Big Finish audios?
Is the Pope Catholic?

9a. If so, which is your favourite?
The Fearmonger.

9b. Also: which Big Finish companion is your favourite?
Evelyn Smythe. She's old and has bad knees and a dicky ticker, and she makes chocolate cake for Six and then snarks at him. I rest my case.

10. Have you listened to any non-Big Finish audios?

10a. If so, which is your favourite?
Probably Punchline, for mind bendy-ness.

11. Have you read any of the novels or short stories?
Everything except the middle three-quarters or so of the EDA's, and a few of the PDA's. Oh, and BF's Short Trips.

11a. Have you written any of the novels or short stories?
Well, I'm responsible for Return on Investment, in the upcoming Craig Hinton Anthology, Shelf Life. That's borderline, but I suppose it's a real paper book which people will presumably pay money for.

11b. Which is your favourite?
Tie between Goth Opera and The Left-Handed Hummingbird, I'd say.

12. Have you read any of the comics?
I have one Sixth Doctor graphic novel and one Seventh Doctor graphic novel.

12a. You guessed it - which is your favourite?
Sorry... been too many years since I looked at either one.

13. Do you watch any of the spinoffs (e.g. Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures)?
Torchwood. I'm not proud of that fact, though.

13a. Which is your favourite?

14. Is there any particular episode/book/audio/comic you desperately want to watch/listen to/read?
So Vile a Sin. However, I have yet to come up with a reason why spending $100 on a fifteen year-old paperback is a good idea.

1. Do you write fanfic for Doctor Who?
Yes. Doesn't everyone? ;-)

1a. If so, post a snippet of a work-in-progress (or several)!
No WIP's at the moment.

2. Do you create Doctor Who icons?
Very occasionally.

2a. Let's see a sample!
::points up::

3. Recommend a fanfic/icon/fanvid/fancomic/fancreation!
Roundabout, by Casira. Best fic I've ever read, in any fandom.

4. Have you been to any Doctor Who conventions?
Nope, just Star Trek ones-- and not for about two decades.

5. Have you ever dressed up as a Doctor Who character?
No. And it is completely coincidental that I bought a used black leather coat last fall.

6. Do you own any Doctor Who merchandise?

7. Are you a fan of Russell T Davies?
Of course-- he resurrected my favorite show. His script-writing is very uneven, though.

7a. Steven Moffat?
Erm... is there anyone who DOESN'T worship at the feet of Teh Moff? Seriously?

7b. Paul Cornell?
::quickly slams door to hide shrine in back room:: Uh, yeah... he's okay.

8. What say you to Season 6b?
Why not? More Two is always a good thing.

9. The UNIT dating controversy?
Meh. The script says '80's, but the hair says '70's. Hairstyles don't lie.

10. The Blinovitch Limitation effect?
Not right now. I have a headache.

11. Multi-Doctor episodes?
Yes, please.

12. What's your favourite Doctor Who technobabble?
I have only three words for you. Reverse. Polarity. Neutron.

13. Have you watched other TV shows exclusively because of the presence of Doctor Who actors?
::cough::Life On Mars::cough::

14. Have you met any of the actors?

14a. Travelled to any filming locations?
It's a bit of a bus ride from Missouri to Cardiff, sadly.

15. What do you think of The Curse of Fatal Death?
I am a bit gay for Lumley!Doctor.

16. Do you have any fannish opinions that you think are fairly unpopular?
Rose and the Doctor were not doing the horizontal mambo. He's a mostly ethical, centuries-old alien with PTSD; she's a nineteen-year-old kid. Come on.

17. What's your favourite pairing?
I live in hope of Jack/Martha. If this refers to the Doctor though... then, um... Eight/Romana angsty Time War lovin', I guess.

18. What pairing(s) won't you touch with a really long pole?
Doctor/Anyone who would have an unequal footing in the relationship, like, say, almost every companion, ever.


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