Apr. 12th, 2008

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I have two days off this week-- Saturday and Sunday. I believe it's called a "weekend." Interesting concept.

My last day at my previous job of 13 years was on Friday. I am taking these two days off of my new job; I've been doing both at the same time since the last week of February. I haven't had two consecutive days off work since August 2004. The time before that was January 1998, when I got married.

I feel a bit lost, TBH. So, um, what are you supposed to do on weekends, again?

In other news, being kinda sorta "published" is a big ol' letdown, so far at least. It's a moment of "Wheee!!", and then it just seems to get sucked into a black hole somewhere. Because of course it's a big hairy deal to you, the author, but of extremely limited interest to the rest of the world. ::le sigh::

Finally, if anyone stateside wants to give the oil companies the finger, I will shortly be selling my veggie car (runs on used fry grease from restaurants, generally available for free). I don't exactly need it if I'm not driving 150 miles a day; stupid to have it sitting in the driveway while I work from home. I'll throw up a website with a video test drive soonish... it's available for $2900 until I get sick of dealing with it, at which point it goes up on eBay with no reserve.

It's very interesting to me how people (especially those who drive for a living) *love* to moan about how gasoline (petrol) prices are killing them, but have no interest in taking the steps necessary to dissociate from the petroleum economy. I'm finding that increasingly irritating as I try to sell the car.

Wake up, sheeple.

Anyway, I have re-emerged to the land of the living, and am available again on the off chance that anyone needs me for anything. I may use this account to blog about hubby's and my attempt to become largely self sufficient for meat by raising pastured chickens, intensively grazed lambs, and fish this year.

Down with factory farms.

And, in a complete non sequitur, go read [livejournal.com profile] mercuriewords' story "The Foreigner" right now. Do not pass go.

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