Apr. 22nd, 2008

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The chicks are now less than one week away from going outside to live in the chicken tractor, which is now completed (Finally!!). Here are some pictures.

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The cage, called a "chicken tractor", is 4 feet by 12 feet long, by 2 feet high. It has no bottom, and the back is completely enclosed. The front has a removable wire mesh lid (off in the pictures). The cage is moved by hand, on its skids. I'm rather proud of it, since I designed and built it myself over the past three weeks.

As you can see, the chicks have easily quadrupled in size over nine days. They can (sort of) fly now, though it's mostly a case of "flap-flap-flap... plop." Hence the lack of a lid on the cage; it's covering the brooder at the moment.

In other Meat Independence news, we pick up 50 catfish and 50 hybrid bluegill for the front pond on the 3rd of May. That's fun: you fill up a garbage can with pond water and put it in the back of your pickup, and then drive to the farm & home store rea-llllly slow. Then they dump your baby fish in it, and you drive back home eeee-ven slower, and dump the whole mess in your pond. And then you feed them fish food every day, which is apparently made of gold or something because it's SO DAMNED EXPENSIVE.

Fortunately, they don't eat much, being one of the most efficient converters of food to meat on the planet.

Finally, I have a line on some bottle-fed lambs in early May. The next thing to tackle will be the movable electric fence so they can be used as a living lawnmower in my yard. I'm toying with the idea of trying something similar with my personal riding horse, possibly in tandem with the sheep, so his presence will deter predators at night.

That part is very much in the experimental phase right now.

It's a pity there's no real market to make a living doing this kind of stuff, because this is very much my niche in life.


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