May. 3rd, 2008

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Today was Fish Day. This morning I got up, fed the chickens and the horses on pasture, and collected a large trash can with a tight-fitting lid, a bucket, and some bungee cords.

Then hubby, Mom, Dad and I did a bucket brigade from the front pond to the garbage can in the back of the pickup truck, and filled it 3/4 full with nasty pond water. Dad and I drove 10 miles to Orscheln Farm & Home in Columbia, Missouri. The hatchery folks were in the middle of the parking lot with their large, converted truck with a dozen or so separate enclosed tanks where the bed of the truck would normally be.

I paid ($50, or about £24) for our 50 4-6" catfish and 50 4-6" hybrid bluegill, and the hatchery people scooped them out of the tanks and into a bucket, and we dumped the buckets into our mostly-full garbage can of pond water and drove home.

Irritatingly, Orscheln had not thought to stock up on fish food for Fish Day, and was out. (Fail, Orscheln. I love you guys... but, *really*. Epic fail.) Fortunately, fish are not at all like, say, chicks - they're not going to starve because they don't get special baby fish food for a few days. There's plenty of stuff for them to eat in the pond when they're this size, and I'll get a bag of fish chow when they get another shipment next week.

So, home we went, driving like a sloth on barbituates around the curves and still sloshing pond water all the way back.

Then we backed up to

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