Sep. 10th, 2008

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Though I suspect it's got way more to do with the worthy cause than with my writing skillz, the Author Auction for Charity at has surpassed my wildest expectations. To keep the momentum going, I'm co-opting [ profile] wendymr's excellent promotional scheme:

Anyone who raises the bid for my story by $5 gets a drabble written for them. Anyone who raises it by $10 or more gets a double drabble. Just give me a one word prompt, either in a comment here, or in my Auction Thread, and I'll get it done for you within 24 hours, and post it in the auction thread and here on my LJ.

So far, [ profile] wendymr and [ profile] wiggiemomsi are both due a drabble, so hit me with a prompt, ladies!

::cracks knuckles::
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For [ profile] wiggiemomsi. Prompt: "Kissing"

Like kissing a supernova...

His lips touched hers, completing the circuit on a high voltage power line, and the entire universe rushed through her and into him. Images flickered, too fast to follow; brown eyes, floppy hair, the future, the past, JackSarahJaneMarthaDonna, the TARDIS herself in the background, in danger of being swept beneath the torrent.

Faintly-- No, don't... you'll die! Tried to save you! Tried... with the girl... don't want to be alone!

Absently, he soothed her, most of his attention drawn to the seductive eddies of the Vortex.

It's all right. I will die... so be it. But she will live.
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Prompt: "Embraced"

Rose flinched as the huge gun fell to the floor next to her with a clang, breaking the unnatural silence and stillness of Van Statten's vault. The Doctor followed, collapsing silently to his knees on the smooth, concrete floor; eyes still fixed on the empty space where the Dalek stood only moments earlier.

She stood, frozen, as the stormy blue gaze met hers.

"It's all over. Everything's gone, now."

His voice was strangely calm; almost monotone, but it was enough to break her free of her paralysis. Lowering herself unsteadily to the floor next to him, she gently wrapped her arms around him. She allowed him to fold her against his shoulder, nestling her face into the crook of his neck as if to comfort her.

He was the one who was trembling.

Keepin' me busy, eh, [ profile] wiggiemomsi? ;-)
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The first of two for [ profile] wendymr; prompt: "Rejection"

"Goodnight, Doctor. G'night, Jack."

"'Night, Rose."

"Sleep well."

As Rose disappeared into the depths of the incredible ship, Jack turned, feeling the Doctor's gaze burning through the back of his RAF uniform.

"So," he began, before the alien could say anything. "Who does your sign printing?"

The blue gaze narrowed. "'Sign printing'?"

"You know-- the great big ones that say 'Keep Off'? The ones you've got posted all over Rose? Just wondering where you had them done."

The Doctor's expression gave nothing away. "Dunno what you mean, Captain."

"Hmm." He let the skepticism show through in his voice. "Well, in that case, maybe you'd fancy a 'dance', yourself?"

Jack relaxed marginally as a tinge of humour crept into the Doctor's expression.

"Fifty-first century humans," he said. "You think that sex is always available for the asking."

"Isn't it?"

The Doctor shook his head wryly. "Nah. You'll have to work a bit to earn a 'dance' with me."

"Well, never let it be said that Jack Harkness is afraid of getting his hands dirty. So, what sort of work? Flowers? Dinner and a holovid? Moonlight serenade?"

One eyebrow rose, sharpening the aquiline features. "I'll let you know."

Jack smiled to himself. It wasn't acceptance... but it wasn't exactly rejection, either.


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