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Okay, so I checked out the odds on the 11th Doctor over on the OG, and I have to admit, there are two possibilities listed that make me quite excited, though (of course) realistically, neither has a snowball's chance in hell of actually making it.

The first is Sean Pertwee. Yes, I do know that I am a sad Old Skool fangirl, thanks for pointing that out, but-- I mean-- look at him! Doesn't that photo just scream "You want me to be the next Doctor... oh, yes, you do!"? (A side note: Jon Pertwee's wife must have been a gorgeous woman. She took those distinctive "Jon Pertwee" looks and toned them down to produce a couple of really stunning kids.)

The second is... wait for it... Catherine Tate. Yeah, yeah, I know. The old "Could a woman play the Doctor?" trope rolls around once every couple of years. Someone says "It would never play; the audience would never buy into it" and then someone else says "But what about Joanna Lumley", someone brings up the old "suicide = sex change" thing, and then it goes away again.

But stop and think about it for a minute. Really think about it.

I'm not a television producer-- far from it. I write infrequent fan fiction that is feather-light on plot, and short stories that completely fail to sell to literary magazines, and even I can see the storyline possibilities inherent in that casting choice. Come on-- you'd have to be blind not to see the storyline possibilities that opens up!

But, alas, I suspect that in the end the choice will be someone male, mid-thirties, with the words "teeny-bopper sex symbol" written across his forehead.

Woe. :-(
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