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Last Saturday was the annual Haunted Hunter Pace at Fox Run, generally my last big hurrah of the year, before winter sets in. A hunter pace is a casual but technically competitive event in which individuals or teams ride a several-mile-long course through woods and open fields, with modest jumps scattered along the way for the more ambitious to negotiate, and the more wussy to ride around and avoid. (points to anyone who can guess which camp I fall into.)

It's "Haunted" because the owner gets into the spirit of the season and sends the barn help out into the woods ahead of time to hang bats, fake corpses, and severed body parts from the trees, as well as the occasional temporary graveyard and police taped "crime scene" in the clearings.

In addition to having a stunning multi-million dollar horse facility on 150 beautifully-groomed acres (it's about the only place I ever go where I feel self-conscious about my tatty, faded saddle pads and rusty, bargain basement truck and trailer), the owner of Fox Run also seems to have preternaturally good luck with the weather during her planned events. This year was, once again, the most incredible weather you could possibly ask for, and staged right at the height of the fall color.

This year, she hired a photographer to come and hang out in the Jump Field, and photograph the teams as they passed through, which was a nice touch. Said photographer then e-mailed the relevant prints to all of us in low quality, with an option of ordering prints of the ones we liked. I, of course, am a cheap, penny-pinching loser, so I just took the one I liked and played with the low quality file in Photoshop until I got something of decent quality, in an artistic print... and here it is.

My boarder Olga (from Russia-- a very interesting lady) on her horse Ataan, on the left, and me on Tucker, on the right.

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A beautiful venue to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to be responsible for keeping it mowed. :-)


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