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Did you really read any of those ballot issues before you voted on them? Or, y'know, do any actual research?

Seriously, I can't tell you how relieved I am that the state is going to have "Cleaner, Cheaper Energy" from now on, just by the government passing a law that says it will. Because those two things (cleaner and cheaper) TOTALLY go together. Not.

I'm also really, really happy that we now have government protectionism for Missouri's casinos, sheltering them from that pesky "competition in the free marketplace" thing. That's awesome, guys.

And, finally I can sleep at night knowing that all of Missouri's governmental business will be carried out in English in the future. Jefferson City was turning into a regular Tower of Babel with all the people trying to conduct government meetings in Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Thai, Klingon...

Pfft. I'd be shocked if more than a dozen Missouri politicians even knew a second language.

Last but not least, thanks so much for electing a governor who, as an attorney, completely ignored the whole "attorney-client privilege" thing when it became politically inconvenient. I'm sure he'll do a much better job than the guy who, on the US House of Representatives ethics committee, stood up against his own Republican party in order to censure Tom Delay for being a law-breaking asshole, and was then promptly kicked off of the committee for his troubles.

The only major party candidate I voted for, and he was completely demolished by a slimeball. Sorry, Mr. Hulshof. :-(

On a lighter note, congratulations to all the Obama supporters on the flist. Your guy may scare me to death (don't feel bad-- so does McCain), but he's obviously a charismatic leader, and he deserves the win. Enjoy.

Me, I'm gonna go crawl back under my rock and wait for the revolution to come. But, hey, at least I'll have some "cleaner, cheaper energy" to burn while I'm waiting. ::headdesk:: ::headdesk:: ::headdesk::
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