Apr. 30th, 2008

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Beautiful, sunny day? Check.

Lush, green grass? Check.

Slightly bewildered chickens? Double check.

Gorillas In The Mist? Er... Chickens In The Grass )

The last photo is entitled "I Has A Watch Dog." I didn't know until today that I had a watch dog, but apparently I do. It's quite sweet, really. Unfortunately, she has a rather limited attention span and tends to wander off intermittently after being distracted by shiny objects, but hey... that's why the chickens are in a big cage - so they don't have to be guarded all the time.

Neighbor Guy with lambs for sale has fallen through as he has an alarmingly inflated opinion on the monetary value of his lambs. I am going to one of the few regular sheep and goat sales in Missouri tomorrow, which is (ironically) located in the city where I used to do my delivery route. Can't get away from the bloody place, apparently.

Nor from my nagging guilt about going to an auction instead of working. Stupid needing-to-make-a-living. ::grumbles::

Anyway, I'll take the stock trailer just in case, although the market report says that last week there were no feeder lambs available. Probably a bit too early in the spring for weaning.

Tucker, my horse, is being introduced to his movable, electric-fenced grazing pen, and after 3 days, he thinks the whole thing is a smashing idea. Not surprising, since his whole world revolves around food, and this is essentially a movable feast. It remains to be seen if he'll think baby-sitting lambs is a smashing idea as well... or an idea to be smashed. If necessary, they can be put in a little adjacent fenced area right next to him instead of in with him. That just means moving the pen(s) every day has a higher pain-in-the-butt factor.

Pain-in-the-butt? Farming?? *Surely* not... ;-)


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